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Coagulation Department Updates

The Spectrum Health Lab Coagulation Department has the following changes that will be occurring on 1/12/21 as a result of new instrumentation:

• Anti-Xa Unfractionated Heparin (UFH) Assay: This assay will be now available at all testing labs within Spectrum Health. There will no longer be a need to transport anti-Xa UFH specimens to Grand Rapids.

The following statement will therefore be removed from the Heparin nomograms: “REGIONAL HOSPITALS ONLY: If a specimen needs to be sent form a regional hospital to SHGR for UFH anti-Xa confirmation, contact the provider whether any empiric changes to the heparin dose is needed”

• APTT: There will be a system change to the APTT reportable upper limit. This will be changing from the current 150 seconds to 139 seconds. The maintenance/dosing of heparin therapy will remain the same.

• INR: The upper limit of the INR will be changing to 8.0 for Blodgett and the regional hospital labs. The upper limit for INR at Spectrum Health Regional Lab GR will remain at 12.0.

Any questions around these lab changes, please contact the Coagulation Department using the “Contact Us” link above.


Anti-Xa Unfractionated Heparin (UFH) Assay – Epic LAB3389, CPT 85520, Interface 11683

APTT – Epic LAB325, CPT 85730, Interface 10055

Protime-INR – Epic LAB320, CPT 85610, Interface 10059


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