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Sysmex Urinalysis Series Go Live

In continued pursuit of alignment, regional market hospital labs have adopted the Sysmex-Siemens automated urinalysis system. This advanced platform elevates analytical control and automation, eliminates manual steps previously required from former systems, and offers the latest in digital particle imagery. Combined with exceptional service engineer support, this system represents a notable step forward in urinalysis performance. Continue Reading


Important Cardiac Marker Notification – Spectrum Health Reed City Laboratory

Spectrum Health Reed City Laboratory will be switching instrument vendors, from Beckman Coulter to Roche, Tuesday November 29th, 2016. The change will be seamless for all tests except Troponin and B-type Natriuretic Peptide, as both of those tests are specific by vendor they will change to reflect those of the new vendor.

  • Troponin I will be switched to Troponin T.
  • BNP will be switched to NT-ProBNP.

New cardiac marker numerical results and reference ranges will not be interchangeable with the old.  The new markers are consistent with what is in place at Spectrum Health Grand Rapids, Gerber and Zeeland Hospital Laboratories. Spectrum Health Big Rapids, United and Kelsey Hospital Laboratories will be following suit over the next 12 months. Continue Reading

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Cardiac Marker Testing (Troponin)

Cardiac marker (Troponin) testing should only be ordered for Inpatient or Emergency Department patients. This test is not clinically appropriate for outpatient testing due to long outpatient test turnaround time (specimen collection to result). In cases of acute/urgent medical conditions, please have the patients evaluated at an Urgent Care center or the Emergency Department. Continue Reading