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Specimen Collection and Test Updates — October 2023

The following information was updated in the Lab Catalog.

Test Updates

The links below will redirect to the lab catalog entries for specimen collection and other test information. All changes are for Corewell Health West Laboratories.

  • FDP [LAB7610] Specimen Stability updated
  • LOINC Code Update
    • LMWH [LAB316]
    • UFH [LAB3389]
    • Clostridioides difficile Toxin [LAB3664]
  • Pathologist Review Peripheral Smear [LAB7550] is now a lab only orderable
  • T-spot [LAB3121] Important note clarified
  • New Reference Range:
    • APTT [LAB325]
    • APTT DTI [LAB1230880]
    • Mixing Studies APTT [LAB326]
    • APTT Heparin Neutralization [LAB3377]

Discontinued: These tests are no longer performed by Corewell Health Laboratories. If you require this testing, and there is not a replacement order, please order LAB848 Reference Miscellaneous Test and indicate test name in the order comment.

  • CBC with Manual Differential [LAB2111032]
    • Replacement test: CBC with Differential [LAB293]
  • Flu A/B Rapid [LAB9240] and Flu A/B Rapid, reflex PCR if [LAB2111530]
    • Replacement test: Flu A/B PCR [LAB3255] or Covid-19, Flu A/B, RSV PCR [LAB1230746]
  • RSV Rapid [LAB495]
    • Replacement test: Covid-19, Flu A/B, RSV PCR [LAB1230746]
  • COVID-19 PCR, Rapid (Kelsey Lab Only)
    • Replacement test: Covid-19 PCR [LAB1230607]

New Tests: The following tests are now performed at Corewell Health Laboratories. Please review clinical, ordering and specimen collection information for more.

  • Pathology Consult Hematology [LAB1231502]
  • Pathology Consult Hematology, Smear Review Only [LAB12341501] Note: this test has specific requirements, please review here.

Document updates:

EMR/LIS Updates (eSHare or EHR Interface):

The following lab tests have updated information for interfaced clients (non-Corewell Health/Independent Outpatient offices or not on Corewell Health EPIC) with Corewell Health Laboratories. If you did not receive the file definition via email, please contact your vendor, the PRAS Team or use the Contact Us link above.

If you require a file definitely for your EMR please use the “Contact Us” link above.

FAQ for Orders and Results Interface

Repeats from last month:

  • Discontinued:
    • COVID-19 Total Antibody [1230810]- Replace with Reference Lab Send Out for Miscellaneous Test [10698] – Please indicate complete test name when ordering: COVID-19 IgG, Qualitative by CIA
    • O2 Saturation [10606] – no replacement test
    • NTX Telopeptide Serum [11307] – no replacement test
    • RBC Count, Tube 2, CSF [1230432] – no replacement test
    • CFTR Gene, Full Gene Analysis [11474] – no replacement test
    • Coxsackle B Antibodies Serum [10346] – no replacement test
    • Zika Virus, PCR, Random Urine [1230463] – Replace with Zika Virus, PCR, Molecular Detection, Random Urine [1231513] with new result aliases
    • Zika Virus, PCR, Serum [1230462] Replace with Zika Virus, PCR, Molecular Detection, Serum [1231440] with new result aliases
    • Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency by Flow Cytometry [11415] – Replace with Reference Lab Send Out for Miscellaneous Test [10698] – Please indicate complete test name when ordering: Leukocyte adhesion Deficiency Type 1 CD11a/CD18 and CD11b/CD18 Complex
    • Epi proColon, Septin 9 Methlation Analysis [55102] – no replacement test
    • Influenza A/B Rapid, PCR if Negative [11208] – Replace with Influenza A/B PCR [11594]
    • RSV Rapid Antigen [10806] – Replace with Covid 19, Influenza A/B, RSV PCR [1230746]
    • Rapid Influenza A/B Antigens [10805] – Replace with Influenza A/B PCR [11594]
  • New tests:
    • Nephrocheck AKI Risk Score (Inpatient Only) [1231473] – For awareness, inpatient only orderable
    • Pathology Consult Hematology Panel [1231502] – New questions added, new result aliases, includes the following 2 tests:
      • Pathologist Review, Blood Smear for Consult [1231501]
      • Complete Blood Couth w/Differential [11308]
  • Info:
    • Tests changing to Lab Orderable only (should not be ordered via interface but you may receive results back)
      • Differential, Manual, Blood (Lab Only Orderable) [10515]
      • Path Review, Smear (Lab Only Orderable) [10514]
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