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Test Utilization: Cardiolipin Antibody Testing

Listed below are the Cardiolipin Antibody tests available in the Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory (SHRL) catalog. Please review the tests and the recommended test utilities.

Cardiolipin IgA testing should not be ordered unless the patient is negative for IgM and IgG. It should be restricted to very specific clinical scenarios for the evaluation of patients with suspected APS (Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome). Cardiolipin IgA requests will be reviewed for presence or absence of IgM/IgG testing.

Questions may be directed to Dr. David Alter by using the contact us link above.


dsDNA Antibody Update

Effective March 20, 2017, Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory’s Immunology department will be switching dsDNA vendors from Varelisa ™ to ThermoFisher/Phadia ™.

Both manufacturers (mfr) have similar methods but different reference criteria presumably due to manufacturer specific dsDNA epitopes identified.

The interpretive cutoffs will be changing, please refer to the table below. Continue Reading


Rheumatoid Factor, Quantitative [Update]

As of June 21, 2016 the SHRL Immunochemistry department changed methods for Rheumatoid Factor, Quantitative (Test #8522, Epic #LAB206). In terms of interpretations, both methods compared well; however, the actual numerical results between methods are not interchangeable and a reference range change was required. The new ranges are listed below:

Interpretative ranges:
Negative :  <3.5 IU/ml
Equivocal:  3.5-5.0 IU/ml
Positive:   >5.0  IU/ml

This is only in effect at the Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory; Spectrum Health Gerber Laboratory is still performing using the immunoturbidimetric assay.


Neopterin Currently Unavailable

At this current time, we cannot honor any existing or future requests for Neopterin due to issues with test availability. If this test is needed for urgent clinical reasons please contact Natalie Sluja, Referral department supervisor at (616) 267-2755. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.