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Specimen Collection Devices – Visual Guides

Click on the guides below to download a copy to your device. If you would like hard copies of any of the below please use the “Contact Us” link above.

ITEM – Click on the image to download GUIDE
Click on the image to download
ATL Specimen Quick Guide (April 2022)
Cytogenetics, Flow Cytometry, Molecular Diagnostics
General Specimen
Urine, Tissue, Swab, Stool, Body Fluids
Swab Specimens for STI
Swabs, Pap, Fluid
Labeling Guides
Where does the label go on the tube or cup?  Zero-Tolerance Labeling Policy
Microbiology Specimen Quick Guide (April 2022)
Order of  Blood Draw (May 2022)
Royal Blue Tubes 
Which Royal Blue Tube Should I Use?
Specimen Bags and Lockbox Packaging Guide

Drop off or Delivery Information


Reference Guides

Click on the link to download guide


Fasting Tests – Recommended and Required
Label Special Instructions Shorthand Instructions Key
Outpatient Common Blood Test Tubes
Referral/Send Outs Guide
Urine Preservative Guide
Urine Collection Guide for Laboratory Staff


How to Collect


Specimen Collection Type – Click on the image to download GUIDE
Click on the image to download
Blood  Capillary Finger Collection
Capillary Heel Collection
Centrifuge and Aliquot
Lead Screen Filter Paper Instructions

Dried Blood Filter Paper Spot Check

Cytology Pap Collection Instructions (April 2022)
Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) (April 2022)
Microbiology Nasal/Nasopharyngeal (NP) Collection
Throat Swab Collection
Urine  Urine Vacutainer
Urine Preservative
Self Collect Self-Swab for STI Testing


Additional Resources

Tutorial – How do I use the Lab Specimen Collection Catalog?

Tutorial – How to create a live feed of this blog in Internet Explorer or Outlook

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