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24/7 Lab Customer Services Call Center: 616-774-7721

• Fax Paper Orders: 616-774-7696

Note: Orders team is only available from 6 am – 6 pm, Monday thru Friday and is closed on holidays. If you are faxing an order for a patient that plans to go to a draw site immediately, please write “patient en route” on the order so that it may be prioritized. Order’s team phone: 616-774-5600

• Non-Urgent Lab Inquiries: 

• Non-Lab Inquiries:


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Frequently Request Forms & Guides

• Order Supplies (non-SHMG): Supply Order Form 

• Order Supplies (SHMG): Supply Order Form (items not available on order form: SHMG Supply Order Form Workday Crosswalk)

Collection Device Poster

Labeling Guide

Order of Blood Draw

Specimen Transport Integrity

Other Forms

Other Collection Guides & Training


Frequently Asked Questions

Specimen Collection Instructions

How long should my patients fast?

Generally 8-12 hours. Please refer to this post for more information on fasting specimens.


My patient needs a price estimate, whom may they contact?

A price estimate may be created in MyChart. Or the patient may contact a financial counselor: