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New Immunochemistry Testing

Spectrum Health Immunochemistry Laboratory is pleased to announce 5 new allergen tests and the addition of Tryptase. The following allergens are now available:

Cedar IgE – Epic Code: LAB1230753, Interface Code: 1230753, CPT: 86003

Wormwood IgE – Epic Code: LAB1230750, Interface Code: 1230750, CPT: 86003

Queen Palm IgE – Epic Code: LAB1230751, Interface Code: 1230751, CPT: 86003

Cultivated Rye IgE – Epic Code: LAB1230748, Interface Code: 1230748, CPT: 86003

Elder IgE – Epic Code: LAB1230749, Interface Code: 1230749, CPT: 86003

Tryptase is no longer a sendout test to Mayo Clinic Laboratories and is now performed in-house at Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory (Grand Rapids). This test is useful for

• Assessing mast cell activation, which may occur as a result of anaphylaxis or allergen challenge

• Assessing patients with systemic mastocytosis or mast cell activation syndrome

Tryptase – Epic Code: LAB1230757, Interface Code: 1230757, CPT 83520

For offices that order via paper order, the Allergen Requisition has been updated to reflect the changes above and also the new insect allergen component testing that went live in December. Please recycle all previous versions and use the new version as soon as possible. To order paper allergen requisitions, please use the Supply Order Form.

Please use the “Contact Us” link above for questions and inquiries.

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