Aldosterone Testing Cancellations and Delays

Update 4/11/2024: The supplier shortage is ongoing. For patient health, we will now be sending these specimens to Mayo Clinic Laboratories, please note that this will impact trending charts in Corewell Health Epic. Please continue to order Aldosterone LAB1230656 and Direct Renin LAB1230657 separately.

Original Post: Due to a supplier shortage of Aldosterone reagent, Aldosterone (LAB 1230656 and LAB1230661) testing will be temporarily unavailable at Corewell Health Laboratories West.

Specimens received since March 5, 2024, have been frozen and saved and have a 28-day stability. The specimens will be canceled once they have surpassed their storage stability. Testing of all remaining samples will resume immediately once the reagent is received.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

For questions, inquiries, or concerns please use the Contact Us link above.

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