New Test: ANA Screen Double Reflex

Effective December 3rd, 2018, the test code for ANA Screen [LAB147] will be discontinued and replaced with ANA Screen Double Reflex [LAB1230491].

The new ANA Screen Double Reflex starts with the ANA screening test.  If the ANA screen is positive, the ANA HEP 2 IFA confirmatory test will be ordered automatically.  If the titer is ≥1:160, it will be reflexed to individual antibodies which include anti-dsDNA, anti-Smith, anti-RNP, anti-SSA, anti-SSB, anti-Scl70, anti-centromere, and anti Jo1.

Any orders for ANA Screen will be cancelled and the replacement ANA Screen Double Reflex will be ordered. All ANA Antibodies may still be ordered individually, including ANA Hep2 IFA [LAB3540] test.

These changes and recommendations were collaboratively designed to improve utilization of ANA testing.

Questions on this testing may be directed to Dr. Jennifer Stumph using the “Contact Us” link above.

Please click on the link below for collection and processing instructions, rejection criteria, specimen stability, test frequency, clinical information and more.

New Test: ANA Screen Double Reflex (Epic Order #LAB1230491, CPT #86038, #86039 if reflex IFA)

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