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Test Update: Syphilis Antibody Screen IgG

Effective Monday, March 25, 2019, Syphilis Antibody Screen IgG [LAB3076] will change to Syphilis Total Antibody Screen [LAB1230501]. This test is also included in the Prenatal Screen (OB Panel) [LAB1230094].

Syphilis screening and testing at Spectrum Health using the established reverse algorithm will change slightly in that the initial treponemal testing step will now include Syphilis Total Antibody Screen (IgM and IgG) instead of IgG only.  This method change is needed due to testing reagent availability and also serves to align our testing to mirror that recommended and performed at the State of Michigan Bureau of Laboratories.

The reflex nontreponemal testing (RPR) and the send out testing  (TP-PA) to the State of Michigan will be unchanged.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Dr. Jennifer Stumph using the “Contact Us” link above.


Syphilis Total Antibody Screen – Epic #LAB1230501, CPT #86780 (unchanged), Interface #1230501


Rhoads DD, et al.  “Prevalence of traditional and reverse-algorithm syphilis screening in laboratory practice” Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2017;141:93–97; doi: 10.5858/ 2016-0110-CP

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