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Notice of Recalibration of Ferritin Assay

Spectrum Health has been informed by Roche Diagnostics that the proprietary reagents used to calibrate our instruments and determine control values for ferritin blood level have been updated to reflect deviation of results leading to low result bias.  This may have led to patient results being up to 20% lower than actual ferritin level.

Our instruments have been recalibrated to the correct level as of Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 8:00 am.  This may lead to a change in patient baseline if you are following serial ferritin levels for a patient.  If previous patient ferritin results are in question (i.e., thought to be falsely low), we recommend repeating the ferritin level with the new correct calibration in place.

Please contact us with any questions using the contact us link above.


Ferritin Blood Level – Epic #LAB68; CPT #82728; Interface 10140

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