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Specimen Collection and Test Updates — October 2022

The following information was updated in the Lab Catalog.

Test Updates

The links below will redirect to the lab catalog entries for specimen collection and other test information.

Collection Instruction Change: Check that you are using the correct collection device for the correct specimen type or source

  • Vitamin K1 (Blood) – Now collected in Lavender Top EDTA tube (or Pink Top EDTA) Reminder:
    • Protect from light after collection (wrap in paper towel or tinfoil)
    • Keep specimen on wet ice until it arrives to the lab
    • Patient fasting required AND avoid vitamins at least 24 hours before collection
  • KRAS Mutation Analysis – Added new specimen type: Body Fluid
  • Chlamydia and Gonococcus Testing (Alinity m Multi-Collect) – Oropharyngeal and Rectal swab specimens are acceptable testing sources using the Alinity m Multi-Collect testing kit [ITM-1190747]
  • DEXA Dexamethasone Serum to Mayo New test added with new order code. Please review for clinical information and possible updated collection instructions.

Re-routed: Testing is no longer performed at the Local Regional Hospital Lab and has been rerouted and will be performed in Spectrum Health Reference Lab (“SHRL”) Grand Rapids, MI.

Document Updates: 


EMR/LIS (eSHare or Interface) Updates:

The following lab tests have updated information for interfaced clients (non-Spectrum Health/Independent Outpatient offices or not on EPIC) with Spectrum Health Laboratories. If you did not receive the file definition via email, please contact your vendor, the PRAS Team or use the Contact Us link above.

Format= Change type: Test Name [Interface Code] Additional Information

Please ensure your EMR has the latest order and result codes, and ask at order entry (AOE) questions



  • Dexamethasone, Serum [1230895]
  • NTRK Gene Fusion [1230897]
  • Phosphatidylethanol Confirmation [1230896]


Please ensure your EMR has the replacement orderable, result codes, and ask at order entry (AOE) questions

  • Custom Dermatology Panel [10602]
  • Custom Psoriasis Panel [10603]
  • Phosphatidylethanol (PETH) Whole Blood [1230725]
  • HIV-1 DNA and RNA Qualitative Detection by PCR Plasma [1230510]



New AOE Question

  • Question Code: LAB350 Specimen Source attached to Chlamydia/Gonococcus PCR[1230885], Chlamydia PCR [1230886], Gonococcus PCR [1230887]
  • Question Code: LAB349 Tissue Fresh or Fixed in Formalin  replaces SH Question Code Lab188 for test Tissue Pathology [30000]

New Result Component

  • Cell Sort by Flow Cytometry [11375]
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