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Specimen Collection and Test Updates – March 2022

The following information was updated in the Lab Catalog.

New In-House Tests

“4-Plex” Testing [LAB1230746] Implemented at Big Rapids Hospital Laboratory for a limited patient population.

BRAF Gene Fusion [LAB1230852] Advanced Technology Laboratory

Methylmalonic Acid, Quantitative, Serum [LAB1230845] Toxicology Laboratory

Test Updates

ALT [LAB132] New Specimen Stability, Reference Range, Methodology and LOINC code

AST [LAB131] New Specimen Stability, Reference Range, Methodology and LOINC code

ABG [LAB76] and VBG [LAB79] – Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital Laboratory removed from performing department locations

Clostridioides difficile Toxin, PCR [LAB2111447] Infectious disease order only. More information here.

Flu A/B PCR [LAB3255] Specimen stability 

Hepatitis C Antibody Screening [LAB3542] Routine Screening in pregnant individuals added as a patient type (per ACOG practice advisory)

Herpes Simplex PCR, CSF or Plasma [LAB9170] Performing Department. More information here.

Herpes Simplex PCR for Lesions [LAB3549], new name: Herpes Simplex PCR, Swab

High Sensitivity Tropinin T [LAB1230561] LOINC code

• In Spectrum Health Epic, labels for Blue Citrate tubes for coagulation testing will now state “2.7mL BLUE” instead of just “BLUE”. This will help clarify proper collection volume. The number of labels that print, should be the number of 2.7mL tubes (calculated in Epic) that need to be drawn based on the number of tests ordered. It is important to note – if a 1.8mL sodium citrate tube is used instead of a 2.7 mL sodium citrate tube, a potential QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient) may result, depending on the tests ordered and results obtained.

Discontinued Tests:

MTHFR C677T [LAB7390] – no replacement test. More Information

Document Updates:

Mandatory Reflex Testing

Referrals Testing Quick Guide

Drug Screen Detection List

Bacterial Overgrowth Patient Instructions

Lactose Intolerance Patient Instructions

Provider Adjustment Form 

March EMR/LIS (eSHare or Interface) Updates:

The following lab tests have updated information for interfaced clients (non-Spectrum Health or Independent offices) with Spectrum Health Laboratories. If you did not receive the file definition via email, please contact your vendor, the PRAS Team or use the Contact Us link above.

Format= Change type: Test Name [Interface Code] Additional Information


• Prenatal DNA Extract and Hold [1230851] (with result Prenatal DNA Extract and Hold [12309560])

• Required Ask at Order Entry question: Specimen Source?


• Name Change: Hepatitis C Genotype with Amplification [10801], New Name: Hepatitis C Genotype with Amplification (GI and ID use only)

• Result Component Changes: Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Serum [11090], please contact PRAS Team or Laboratory Services for list of new result aliases

Update: Tests with new result component additions AST w/P5P [1230659] and ALT w/P5P [1230660]
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel [10034]
Hepatic Function Panel [10159]
Custom Dermatology Panel [10602]
Custom Psoriasis Panel [10603]
CMP minus BMP (Lab only order) [10825]


• Rubella IgG Ab Quantitative [11781] – Replacement test: Rubella Ab IgG [10241] (with NEW result Rubella IgG Antibody [12301871])

• MTHFR Mutation [10508]

• FSCSC Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolite Screen [1230686]

• Methylmalonic Acid MMA Quantitative Serum [10556] (replace with Methylmalonic Acid, Serum [1230845])



All specimen collection updates

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