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Specimen Collection Updates – December 2021

The following information was updated in the Spectrum Health Laboratory Catalog.

December Test Updates:

• Protime [LAB320, LAB321] reference range for SHRL updated to 9.5-12.0 seconds (from 9.7-12.6)

More Information: Test Update: Prothrombin Time

ACE Level (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme0 [LAB706] updated:

◊ Collection Instructions: Gold top SST tube is only acceptable tube type.

◊ Reference range updated: Less than 18 years old: 29 – 112 U/L; Greater than or equal to 18 years old: 16 – 85 U/L

Amnisure Qualitative [LAB4016] Specimen Stability updated: If  patient sample is not tested within 4 hours and sample storage is necessary, tightly close the sample vial and store in the refrigerator (2-8C) for no more than 6 hours.

Methotrexate [LAB481] Specimen Stability updated: Ambient 36 hours, Refrigerated: 7 days

Helicobacter pylori (h.pylori), Breath Test [LAB572] Clinical Information and Resources updated: Removed BreathTek resources and updated BreathTek with BreathID Collection Kit

December Discontinued Tests:

• Honey IgE [LAB2111446], no replacement test

• Saffron IgE [LAB3443], no replacement test

December Document Updates:

 CAP certificates updated


Reed City

Big Rapids


December EMR/LIS (eSHare) Updates:

The following lab tests have updated information for interfaced clients (non-Spectrum Health or Independent offices) with Spectrum Health Laboratories. If you did not receive the file definition via email, please contact your vendor, the PRAS Team or use the Contact Us link above.

Format- Change type: Test Name (Interface Code)

• Discontinued: Catecholamine Fractionation Random, Urine (55106)

• New Test: Catecholamine Fractionation Random, Urine (1230848)

• New Results: HIV-1 Genotypic Integrase Inhibitor Drug Resistance, P (1230512), new result Cabotegravir (12309539)


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