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Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Manual Differential Order Discontinuation

Effective October 3, 2023, the orderable Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Manual Differential [LAB2111032] will be discontinued and Manual Differential, Blood [LAB815] will be made a Lab Only Orderable.

Why the change?

– Superior Testing: The Automated Differential that is generated by the hematology analyzers is more accurate, reviews thousands of cells (instead of 100 in a Manual Differential), and is validated against extremely robust algorithms, cell libraries, and internal flags and rules to ensure a wide array of clinical abnormalities can be captured. If there is a flag of clinical significance, a slide will be produced, and a Manual Differential may still be performed.

– Better Turnaround Times: The Automated Differential can be completed faster than a medical technologist can perform a Manual Differential. An estimated 70% of Manual Differentials were found to have not flagged if they had been ordered as an Automated Differential and would have resulted much quicker with a much more thorough review using the analyzer as a starting point.

– Lab Efficiency: Manual Differentials immediately require medical technologist intervention and manual processes. Reducing the time spent on clinically unnecessary differentials will allow the technologists more time to train and educate, support other needs such as bone marrow collection assists, and dedicate more time to increase the overall quality of the department.

What do you need to do?

– If you have this test saved on your preference list in Epic, please remove and update to the CBC with Differential [LAB293] prior to September 1.

– If you have this test in your EMR, please speak with your vendor about removing it from your test compendium.

– If you have this test on a paper order and would like updated requisitions, please use the “contact us” link above to laboratory services.



Discontinued: Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/ Manual Differential – Epic LAB2111032 – Interface 10032 – CPT 85025

Replace with: Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/ Differential – Epic LAB293 – Interface 11308 – CPT 85025

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