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Specimen Collection and Test Updates — June 2023

The following information was updated in the Lab Catalog

Test Updates

The links below will redirect to the lab catalog entries for specimen collection and other test information. All changes are for Corewell Health West Laboratories.

New Tests: The following tests are now performed at Corewell Health Laboratories. Please review clinical, ordering and specimen collection information for more.

Monkeypox Virus DNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR [LAB1231131] replaces LAB1230881 Orthopox
Candida auris Screen Culture [LAB1231033] Inpatient only
Amylase, 24 hour urine [LAB1231123] replaces Amylase Timed Urine [LAB360]

Reference Range Update: The reference range has been updated and may impact your clinical care workflows going forward.

Alprazolam Level (LAB718)
Clonazepam Level (LAB466)
Lorazepam Level (LAB812)
Amitriptyline Level (LAB681)
Nortriptyline Level (LAB80710)
Citalopram Level (LAB751)
Clozapine and Metabolite Level (LAB753)
Diazepam Level (LAB468)
Flecainide Level (LAB687)
Imipramine Level (LAB684)
Desipramine Level (LAB682)
Lidocaine Level (LAB685)
Cocaine Level w/ Metabolites (LAB2111029)
Methadone Level (LAB822)
Codeine/Morphine Levels (LAB2111030)
Hydrocodone Level (LAB798)
Oxycodone Level (LAB835) 

Name updates: No changes to reference range or specimen collection.

Microalbumin, 24 Hour Urine [LAB410] is now Albumin, 24 Hour Urine
Microalbumin/Creatinine Random Urine [LAB689] is now Albumin/Creatinine, Random Urine
Protein/Microalbumin/Creatinine, Random Urine [LAB2111155] is now Protein/Albumin/Creatinine, Random Urine

Collection Instruction Change: Check that you are using the correct collection device for the correct specimen type or source

Several Toxicology tests were updated to allow for collection in Uscreen or iSCREEN point of care testing cups, if needed.

Document updates

MEC approved reflex testing guide V33
Referral/Send Outs Quick Guide
ATL Surgical Specimen Testing Form V35

Discontinued Tests: Testing is no longer offered by Corewell Health Laboratories West

Amylase Time Urine [LAB360] 
Orthopox [LAB1230881]
Protein, Timed Urine [LAB440]



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