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Specimen Collection and Test Updates – March 2023

The following information was updated in the Lab Catalog.

Test Updates

The links below will redirect to the lab catalog entries for specimen collection and other test information.

New Tests: The following tests are now performed at Corewell Health Laboratories. Please review clinical, ordering and specimen collection information for more.

25-Hydroxyvitamin Level D2 and D3 [LAB1230925]

Horizon 14 (Pan-Ethnic Standard) [LAB12308355]

Horizon 106 (Comprehensive Jewish) [LAB12308351]

Panorama Prenatal Plus 22q11.2 Deletion [LAB12308379]

Panorama Prenatal Full Panel (“Extended Panel”) [LAB12308377]

Collection Instruction Change: Check that you are using the correct collection device for the correct specimen type or source

Please place order for Anaerobic Culture [LAB233] instead of Foreign Body Culture [LAB224] for intrauterine devices (IUD) specimens with concern for Actinomyces. 

Reference Range Update

Lamotrigine [LAB475] “Normal range is derived from trough samples.” was added

Lead Screen Filter Paper [LAB2111119]  <3.5 mcg/dL (lower limit of detection is 2 mcg/dL)

Lead, Blood Level [LAB98] <3.5 mcg/dL (lower limit of detection is 2 mcg/dL)

Document Updates: 

Big Rapids CLIA

Mandatory Reflex Testing v31 3-23

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