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Specimen Collection Updates – June 2021

The following information was updated in the Spectrum Health Laboratory Catalog.

Test Updates:

LAB7130 – Cryoglobulin Serum – Important note added to transport specimen in hot pack

The following tests had a second reference range added. Reference range depends on which analyzer and lab location the test is performed.


LAB326-APTT Mixing Studies

LAB3377-APTT Heparin Neutralization

LAB7640 – CRRT Circuit aPTT (Inpatient only)

New Tests:

Discontinued Tests:

Rotavirus Direct Detection, stool – Replacement test: LAB3618 – Enteric Pathogens

Diazepam and Nordiazepam, serum (sendout test) has been removed this test is performed inhouse. (LAB468 Diazepam Level)

The Covid 4 plex (Covid, Influenza a/b and RSV) has been marked as unavailable. Order each test separately.

Deer Epithelium IgE – No replacement test


Document Updates:

Supply order form

SHMG supply order form

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