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Serum Kappa/Lambda Free Light Chain Assay Update

Effective September 28th, 2020, a new generation of the serum kappa/lambda free light chain assay has been implemented.

With the implementation of the new generation of the assay there is an approximately 20% negative bias for kappa free light chains in serum containing >20 mg/dL kappa free light chain.  This may affect the trending for patient who are serially monitored by this assay.

Consequently, for a three-month period, post go-live, Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory will offer the opportunity for ordering providers to re-baseline existing patients.

Requirements for re-baselining:

  • Patient has a serum kappa/lambda free light chain result obtained on the old generation of the assay.
  • Patient has a kappa free light concentration >20 mg/dL.

If you have any issues/concerns with differences in patient who are being serially monitored between the old and new generation, please contact the Immunochemistry Laboratory (616-267-2770) within three days of the reported result and re-baselining can be requested.

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