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Covid-19 Information

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Updated 6/25/20

Spectrum Health Laboratories is accepting COVID test orders from Spectrum Health and outside providers. For additional information, please refer to our Outpatient Provider Office Collection Information Packet. This packet contains ordering and supply information as well as other related information. 

•Spectrum Health Laboratory offers nasal self-collection observation at select draw sites.
•If you’re interested in having your patient tested via nasopharyngeal swab and you cannot collect specimens in your office, please direct your patient to the screening hotline: 833.559.0659. Screening is required before COVID collection and testing can occur for the hotline.

Providers: COVID-19 testing criteria:

LINK: Symptoms of COVID-19  (CDC guidelines)

LINK: Testing criteria (CDC guidelines)

Facilities: If you would like to receive testing for your staff and/or residents please follow these instructions:

•Call: 616-486-1075 or


Outpatient Draw Site Hours:

Outpatient draw site hours and availability may have changed. Please refer to Find-A-Doc for more information.

• Link: Find-A-Doc Location

Preferred Collection:

Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs are the preferred specimen type.

Link: Nasopharyngeal Collection

If NP swabs cannot be collected, anterior nasal swabs may be collected as an alternative with slightly reduced sensitivity.

New Test: COVID-19 IgG Antibody – Serology test

Awareness – Respiratory Pathogens by Film Array: 

Patients, physicians and APPs have reported confusion around the results of Spectrum Health Laboratories LAB3359 Respiratory Pathogens by Film Array. To clarify:

• This test does NOT test for COVID-19 Coronavirus

• A positive result for coronavirus indicates a non-COVID-19 strain

• Microbiology department has added a disclaimer to the result noting the positive is not for COVID-19


• COVID-19 Information for Medical Professionals and Staff from MDHHS

• COVID-19 General Information page from MDHHS

• Spectrum Health COVID-19 General Information page

• Spectrum Health and SHMG providers, please check on InSite for any information specific to Spectrum Health.

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