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Hemoglobin A1c Testing Update

For Hemoglobin A1c testing, Mayo Clinic Laboratory has switched to an Ion-Exchange High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method (Bio-RAD D100) which is the same method of A1c testing used at Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory.  They no longer offer the alternative method, boronate affinity chromatography, for A1c testing.

When A1c cannot be determined due to  interferences that affect the Bio-RAD 100 method, measurement of serum fructosamine is recommended (Mayo test FRUCT).


Hemoglobin A1c – Epic Code: LAB90 |  CPT: 83036 | Interface code: 10153

Fructosamine, Serum – Epic Code: LAB782 | CPT: 82985 | Interface code: 10143 | Mayo Code: FRUCT

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