Referral/Sendouts, Test Utilization

Reminder: Send Out/Referral Testing at Spectrum Health

Tests not performed by Spectrum Health Regional Laboratories (SHRL) will be sent to an appropriate reference laboratory. Mayo Medical Laboratories is our major reference lab; however, not all tests are performed at that location. Please refer to the laboratory test catalog for specific testing locations. (

SHRL clinical staff reviews test requests in collaboration with the ordering providers on a case by case basis for appropriateness and utility.

Commonly reviewed test requests include, but are not limited to, genetic testing and paraneoplastic panels.

Spectrum Health pays for these tests upfront followed by recoup of costs from insurers. The choice of payment method to the reference laboratory will be made by the SHRL Referrals Department manager or supervisor in conjunction with existing protocols established by Spectrum Health (i.e. Medicaid or Preauthorization). Of note, billing policies differ dependent on what the test is and where it is sent.

Any send out test may incur a financial burden on patients depending on insurance coverage. Consequently, we strongly recommend that patients and provider discuss this issue prior to ordering these tests. Multiple insurance agencies require prior authorization for send out testing. Prior authorization is recommended and/ or required for Genetic testing. Please contact the Referrals Department at 616-267-2753 for specific questions.

We need your support in this process so that we can improve our service through improved test utilization.

Questions and concerns may be directed to Laboratory Services by using the Contact Us link above.

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