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Thin Prep Pap Collection Supply Notification

Spectrum Health Laboratory strives to ensure that all marketing of laboratory services is honest, straightforward, fully informative and non-deceptive. The Spectrum Health’s Code of Conduct dictates that quality laboratory practices are followed and laboratory marketing activities must meet all government laws and regulations.

In reference to Spectrum Health Policy #10915, Laboratory Marketing: “Supplies and/or equipment provided to physician offices will only be supplied for the procurement of laboratory tests and/or services performed by Spectrum Health Laboratory.”

In order to be compliant with policy, Thin Prep vials will only be supplied with one 25 count package of collection devices per tray of 25 count vials.

Choices include:

  • 1 25-count tray Thin Prep vials with one 25-count pack of Brooms, or
  • 1 25-count tray Thin Prep vials with one 25-count pack of Brush/spatula combo

No additional Brooms or Brush combos will be supplied. If additional supplies are needed by the office, they must be purchased by the office, from their medical supply distributor.

Questions and concerns may be directed to Laboratory Services by using the Contact Us link above.

For Spectrum Health Hospital Group (SHHG) and Medical Group (SHMG), please order via Walkent with Lawson numbers

  • 42336 (Papette Brooms)
  • 41924 (Medscand Brush/Spatula Combination)

All others please use a laboratory supply order form.

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