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Corewell Health Laboratories (formerly Spectrum Health) has utilized the Bromcresol Purple (BCP) method for the measurement of albumin concentration in serum, plasma, and serous body fluids for well over 20 years. The test principle consists of a reaction where the BCP binds selectively with albumin, causing a color change that is measured photometrically. A vast majority of labs across the country, including reference labs such as Mayo Medical Laboratories, utilize an alternative method for albumin measurement that consists of Bromcresol Green (BCG) instead of BCP. To align with the majority of institutions this size, and to be included in a larger peer group for proficiency testing purposes, Corewell Health Laboratories – West, has been transitioning to BCG for the measurement of albumin over the last few weeks.

Validation studies have shown that the there is a slight positive bias with the BCG method when compared to the BCP method. Therefore, albumin results are expected to show an increase of between 8% Р18%  going forward, depending on performing Corewell Health Laboratory. Please use the contact us link above for questions or concerns.

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