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Self-Collected Swabs

Self-collected vaginal swabs may be used for testing as opposed to provider-collected swabs. Self-collected swabs are supported by current clinical guidelines as recent studies have shown their equivalence, if not superiority, in quality and their association with increased patient satisfaction.

NOTE: Self-collection must still take place in a healthcare setting and is not approved for at-home collection.


Aptima™ Vaginal or Multitest Swab

LAB3522: APTIMA Chlamydia Gonococcus NAAT

LAB3524: APTIMA Chlamydia NAAT

LAB3523: APTIMA Gonococcus NAAT

LAB3525: APTIMA Trichomonas, NAAT

LAB1230560: APTIMA Mycoplasma Genitalium (MGen), NAAT

LAB1230566: APTIMA STI Panel, NAAT


Alinity m multi-Collect Specimen Collection Kit

Alinity m multi-Collect Kit


LAB1230885 Chlamydia/Gonococcus PCR

LAB1230886 Chlamydia PCR

LAB1230887 Gonococcus PCR



LAB3615 Gram Stain – BV/Yeast


Patient collection instructions are located on the training page, under How to Collect, “Self Swab for STI Testing“.



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