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Update: Platelet Aggregation Studies

The Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory Coagulation Department will be going live with the Helena AggRam analyzer on February 3, 2021.  This analyzer uses platelet rich plasma to analyze human platelet aggregation which is measured by absorbance.  The following aggregating agents are used in these studies: Arachidonic Acid, ADP, Collagen, Epinephrine, and Ristocetin.

Patients for platelet aggregation studies should be resting, fasting, and non-smoking. Patients should avoid taking any prescription or over the counter medications known to affect platelet function for ten (10) days to two (2) weeks prior to the studies. For a list of medications known to have anti-platelet effects, click here.

All Platelet Aggregation Studies must be scheduled in advance, by a healthcare provider, with the Coagulation department at 616-267-2740.  Platelet aggregation testing is performed (for scheduled patients only) Monday-Thursday from 7:30-9:30 AM at the 35 Michigan Street Laboratory. Please refer to lab catalog for more detailed information.


Platelet Aggregation Studies –  Epic Code #LAB2111147, Interface Code #10220, CPT Codes #85576 x 7, 85049, 85014 and Pathologist Interpretation 85576-26

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