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HSV Testing Update

In an effort to streamline laboratory processes and provide expedited results, the test Herpes Simplex 1 / 2 IGG IGM was replaced with Herpes Simplex Panel on July 17, 2019.  The new panel will still offer both Herpes IgM and Herpes IgG.  The conversion to this panel will allow the lab to report Herpes IgG results faster.  We hope all of our providers will have a smooth transition to this new panel as we continue to make improvements in the lab to provide accurate, precise, and rapid results that empower our providers to make the most informed decisions regarding the patients under their care.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Nathan Mclamb or the Immunochemistry Department using the “Contact Us” link above.


Herpes Simplex Panel [LAB1230539]

Herpes IgM Antibody Screen [Epic LAB3578, Interface #55036, CPT #86694] 

Herpes Simplex Antibody, IgG [Epic #LAB507, Interface #10792, CPT #86695, 86696]

Discontinued – Herpes Simplex 1/2 IGG IGM [Epic #LAB792, Interface #10791, CPT #86694, 86695, 86696]

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