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General Information

Gender Specific Reference Ranges in Transgender Patients

Laboratory reference ranges vary depending on the sex (gender) of the patient. Spectrum Health Laboratory’s policy is to report reference ranges for a result based on the sex the ordering provider provided on the order, or given to our staff via the patient’s ID. This will require extra care when interpreting results for patients who are transgender. Some reference ranges may change as a patient transitions between genders, while others may not. Please always evaluate results based on the reported sex and reference in light of your patient’s gender role.

Hematology, Test Utilization

Pathologist Review – Reason for Review

Pathologist review of peripheral blood smear (#8367) will have an additional required field to complete upon ordering. We are striving to improve our test utilization, inter-provider communication, and accurate and timely result reporting. Providers will see a choice of the top 10 to 15 reasons for review, including such reasons as “anemia evaluation” and “look for blasts”. An option for “other, see comment” is available for any free text comments to the pathologist.

This change is anticipated to begin for all electronic ordering of this test on February 4, 2016

Any questions concerning these changes may be directed to Dr. Jennifer Stumph, Director of Hematology.