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December 2023

Test Utilization

Influenza Testing Recommendation (December 2023)

Influenza cases numbers are currently increasing throughout West Michigan. Influenza prevalence guides the most appropriate testing approach and sufficient prevalence has now been reached for influenza rapid antigen or point of care testing (e.g. Sofia instrument) to have improved performance. The use of point of care testing as a screening method during high prevalence reduces both the cost to the patient and turn-around-time as compared to lab-based molecular methods. Point of care tests generally have high analytical specificity, but lack the sensitivity of nucleic acid amplification methods (e.g. PCR). For this reason, PCR testing is still recommended for hospitalized patients and for outpatients with a negative result if influenza is still suspected and if the result will impact clinical decision making.

Low influenza prevalence High influenza prevalence
Recommended order Influenza PCR  Influenza Point of Care Testing
Influenza PCR 

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General Information

Ludington Lab Testing Update

In pursuit of best practice and alignment, as the only regional laboratory performing Legionella Antigen testing,  Corewell Health Ludington will be consolidating this low volume testing by sending it to our core lab.

Beginning January 1, 2024, all specimens for Legionella Antigen, Urine testing collected at Corewell Health Ludington sites will be sent to Corewell Health Reference Laboratory West in Grand Rapids for testing.  All other details regarding the test remain the same. Continue Reading

General Information

Winter Lockbox Tips!

march-winter-lockboxTo maintain optimal specimen integrity, Corewell Health Laboratories West requests that you load your lockbox properly for winter weather temperatures. Please follow the diagram on the right to prevent freezing of specimens.

Frozen specimen should not be left in the lockbox for after-hours pickup. These tests may be better preserved in the office freezer until the next day’s courier pickup.

Request for specimen pickups in the West Michigan area should be made to the Laboratory Call Center at 616.774.7721.