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Lab Specimen Label Printing Update for Corewell Health Epic Users

On 10/31/23, a change was made to lab specimen labels, which included a patient’s preferred name on the label, if it is documented in Epic. This highlighted a change in the names of label types seen by staff when reprinting specimen labels in Epic. Due to a mix of Intermec and Zebra printers across the entire Corewell Health system, defaults needed to be removed from Epic build to account for these differences. Users will now be required to manually choose the correct label type when reprinting labels. The Collection Activity behavior should remain the same.


When reprinting labels, the Label field of the pop-up will no longer include a default label type. Users will need to choose what type of label to print based on the manufacturer of the printer they have:

a. Intermec printers require an Intermec label

b. Zebra printers require a Zebra label

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please place a helpdesk ticket or use the “contact us” link above.

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