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Genetic Testing Informed Consent

Submission of an order for any predictive genetic tests and pre-symptomatic genetic tests, as defined by MCL 333.17020, contained in Corewell Health laboratory catalog constitutes certification to Corewell Health Laboratories that the ordering physician understands that written, informed consent is required for these tests and that, by submitting an order for these genetic tests, ordering physician has obtained “Informed Consent” of subject patient as required by any applicable state or federal laws with respect to each test ordered. On occasion, we forward a specimen to an outside reference laboratory. Corewell Health laboratories may request that ordering physician provide such consent to Corewell Health upon a reasonable request.

For an example of an informed consent, click here.

The tests listed below are predictive and pre-symptomatic genetic tests:

LAB1230857 Factor V Leiden DNA / Prothrombin G20210A 
LAB3154 Prader Willi/Angelman mPCR 
LAB8330 Hemochromatosis DNA 
LAB346 Factor V Leiden DNA Analysis 
LAB2111337 Chromosome Analysis, Products of Conception 
LAB2111376 Chromosome Analysis, Prenatal 
LAB8340 Prothrombin G20210A 
LAB2111439 XX and XY (includes SRY) by FISH 
LAB2111370 Chromosome Analysis Constitutional
LAB2111384 Trisomy 21 by FISH
LAB2111421 Products of Conception Aneuploid Screen (XY, 13, 16, 18, 21) by FISH
LAB2111381 DiGeorge/VCFS (22q11.2) by FISH 
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