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Specimen Collection Updates – August

The following information was updated in the Spectrum Health Laboratory Catalog.

Test Code Changes:

If your office EMR is interfaced with Spectrum Health Laboratories, please check with your vendor that order and result codes have been updated.

Lipoprotein A, Serum: LAB563 has been replaced with LAB1230835

Cortisol Free Random Urine: LAB3399 replaced with LAB12308396

Test Updates:

Specific Gravity LAB2111167 performing department is now Urinalysis instead of Chemistry

Capillary Blood Gases LAB78 important note updated to clarify that GR specimens are to be delivered to respiratory only.

Occult Blood Screening/Diagnostic (Guaiac) Stool tests LAB695 and LAB2111554 have Kelsey as a performing department

TB Screen Quantiferon Gold LAB3619 Collection instructions have been updated. 10 mL Lithium Heparin Green Non-Gel tube may be used to collect this test (must be 10 mL tube)

Ionized Calcium has been updated with simplified instructions for Inpatient, Outpatient and Respiratory/CritCare.

Levetiracetam Level Reference Range updated

♦ Order note added “If trying to rule-out Malassezia furur, please indicate ,”rule-out M. furfur” in the order comments as unique isolation techniques need to be taken to isolate this organism.”

Discontinued Tests:

Bilirubin, Amniotic Fluid LAB2111012 (send out to Mayo Clinic Lab) – There is no replacement test.

Document Updates:

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