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This form is for Corewell Health who will need Laboratory Services. If you have any questions, please contact your lab services account manager.

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    Corewell Health Reference Laboratory, Grand Rapids (CHRL)Corewell Health Big Rapids Laboratory, Big Rapids (CHBR)Corewell Health Gerber Laboratory, Fremont (CHGM)Corewell Health Kelsey Laboratory, Lakeview (CHKL)Corewell Health Ludington Laboratory, Ludington (CHLH)Corewell Health Pennock Laboratory, Hastings (CHPH)Corewell Health Reed City Laboratory, Reed City (CHRC)Corewell Health United Laboratory, Greenville (CHUN)Corewell Health Zeeland Laboratory, Zeeland (CHZC)Corewell Health Lakeland Laboratory, St. Joseph (CHLL)Only sending to Corewell Health Outpatient Draw SiteI'm unsure/other
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    Operations: Calling Critical Lab Values Required

    The following information is needed for our Laboratory Call Center. Critical Lab Values are called to a provider within 30 minutes of verification of test result. This is an accreditation requirement. We cannot accommodate physician schedule lists. These phone numbers will not be used for any calls besides critical lab values.

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    Operations: Courier Services
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    If your location needs courier services to pick up specimens collected in the office, please fill out all of the following questions. If not needed, please disregard this section.
    Note: Courier Services may not be available in all areas, we will try to accommodate your office's needs.

    Pick up type:
    Routine pick-ups will be automatically scheduled for specific times and days of the week, only STAT pick-ups or any pick-ups after your pick-up time will need to be called. This should be used if you collect multiple specimens a day, most days of the week. On-call will require your staff to call for a courier pick-up when you have a specimen drawn and ready for pick-up.
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    Lockbox type needed:
    Floor modelHanging modelNot neededI have a Corewell Health (Spectrum Health) lockbox on location If you have a Corewell Health (Spectrum Health) lockbox at your location, where is it?

    Will you be sending patients to a Corewell Health (Spectrum Health) Draw Site?

    Operations: Supplies Optional

    For general supplies, please fill out a Laboratory Supply Requisition given to you by your account manager. Items not on the supply list need to be ordered via Workday.

    Daily blood collection volume:

    Daily other collection volume:

    The following is to gage interest and may not be available to all locations, your account manager will work with you to find the best option:

    Operations: Information Services Optional

    Epic Department Name (Example: SHMG IM FM HOLLAND or SHPH IM PEDS SS HAST or SHMG PEDS ORTHO ONC 35):

    Operations: Billing Optional

    Corewell Health Laboratory Billing is performed by the Corewell Health Hospital Billing Team. Patients may seek assistance through the Financial Services Office. Billing questions should be directed to the phone number on the patient's bill. Additional billing may be sent from our contracted Pathologists "Michigan Pathology Specialists"

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    Physicians or APPs
    Please make sure you follow the policy and procedures for onboarding CH providers.

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    Note: Please do not use this online form to send health information about a patient, this form is not secure for PHI. For more information review our Patient Privacy Policy. A client services representative will respond in 3-5 business days.