Become a Laboratory Client – Legal

To become a Corewell Health lab client for legal services:

1. Fill out the form below

2. We will reach out to you within 2-5 business days with any follow up questions and with a contract (Note: Laboratory Service Hours)

3. Sign the contract and we will build your account

• The account build and contract process can take up to 30 days, so please begin this process at least 30 days before you need results.

4. We will send you a custom requisition pdf for ordering tests.

5. Here are a few tests we perform frequently for law firms and associated cost to you:

• Ethanol Level, Whole Blood – $150.00

• Drug Analysis Comprehensive, Blood -$504.71

• Toxicology Blood Quantitation Testing – Pricing varies, please contact us for more information

• Additional charges for testing not performed by Corewell Health, these tests are sent to a reference laboratory and pricing can range from $80 to $430. Please contact us for more information.


New Client Request Form