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Resolved: Change in testing for Lyme Total Antibody

As of February 11, 2021, this has been resolved. Testing has resumed at Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory Immunochemistry Department.

Starting November 1, 2020, the Lyme Total Antibody test will temporarily not be performed in-house and will be sent out to the Mayo Clinic Laboratories using the Lyme Disease Serology, Serum.  This is due to the backorder of reagents from the vendor until approximately January 2021.

Lyme Disease Serology, Serum is available to order in Epic. Lyme Total Antibody will still be available to order, however, when the specimen arrives to the laboratory the order will be switched to the Lyme Disease Serology, Serum.

Similarly, to the current in-house test, the Mayo assay is also a Lyme total antibody assay, detecting both IgG and IgM antibodies, with the same specimen type as the in-house test.  However, test turn-around-times may be increased.

Lastly, this change will have no effect on the reflexing of positive samples to the confirmatory Lyme Disease Antibody, Immunoblot, Serum.

Please direct questions and inquiries to the Contact Us link above.


Lyme Total Antibody – EPIC: LAB1230571 | CPT: 86618 | Interface: 1230571

Lyme Disease Serology, Serum – EPIC: LAB1230745 | CPT: 86618 | Interface: 1230745

Lyme Disease Antibody, Immunoblot, Serum – MAYO ID: LYWB

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