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Influenza Testing Reminder (2019 – 2020 Flu Season)

At this time when Influenza prevalence is not widespread in the community, please order “Influenza A/B PCR” [LAB3255] when testing is needed. This applies to patients at all Grand Rapids and regional hospitals, and also system wide ambulatory patients.

Once influenza prevalence within the community has been established, Infection Prevention at SH Butterworth will announce that Influenza Rapid Antigen testing may be performed in outpatient point of care settings (urgent care and physician practices), as well as at Blodgett and other Spectrum Health regional hospitals. If antigen testing is performed point of care, then “POCT FLU” [POC206] may be ordered in Epic. If testing is to be performed at Blodgett or a regional hospital lab, then order “Influenza A/B Rapid, PCR if negative” [LAB2111530].

Note: Influenza Rapid Antigen testing is no longer performed by the Grand Rapids laboratory, so only the PCR should be ordered for SHGR Butterworth (including BW OB Triage and BW ED) and HDVCH patients during all seasons.

See previous lab newsletters for additional details:

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