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Test Discontinuation: Red Cell Magnesium

Effective January 1, 2019, Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory will no longer offer Magnesium, Red Blood Cell [LAB104] as an option for send out testing.  This testing will no longer be available through Spectrum Health’s primary reference laboratory, Mayo Clinic Laboratories.  This test will become obsolete on January 7, 2019, due to limited clinical utility.

Mayo’s notice states: “The Red Cell Magnesium test does not offer clinical advantages over serum levels.  It also does not correlate with other tissue fractions. For total magnesium status, a magnesium tolerance test utilizing a 24 –hour urine collection is a superior alternative.”

Magnesium 24 Hour Urine [LAB406] is available to order and is performed by Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory. Please see the Lab Catalog for specimen collection information.

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