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Routine and STAT Testing Drawn at Blodgett Outpatient Laboratory

Effective November 5, 2017, all outpatient orders received via Epic or eSHare (i.e. electronic ordering) that are submitted as routine and drawn at Blodgett Outpatient Lab, cannot be changed from routine to STAT.

Specimens collected or dropped off to Blodgett Outpatient Lab, that are marked as STAT, will be routed to Blodgett Laboratory (BIRL). If marked as Routine, it will be routed to Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory (SHRL) located at the Spectrum Health Medical Center, Grand Rapids. Due to this routing, any calls for request to change order priority from routine to STAT cannot be fulfilled.

This will not affect specimens drawn at other outpatient draw sites, since all specimens, both routine and STAT, are routed to SHRL for testing.

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