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Microbiology Order Name Changes

Effective November 5th, the following test order names will be modified. These changes have been made to enhance clarify regarding the testing performed. In all cases, prior Cerner names are set as aliases that direct to the new Epic order names.

Current Cerner Name Epic Name Code Lab Catalog Link
Catheter Culture Foreign Body Culture LAB224 8883
Throat Culture Group A Strep Throat Culture LAB228 8887
Gram stain, Sputum Removed; now combined with Sputum Culture. N/A 160
Sterility Check Sterility Fluid Culture LAB226 4284
Microbiology Identification Reference Organism Identification Reference LAB4003 117
Microbiology Susceptibility Reference Organism Susceptibility Reference LAB4004 357
Quantitative Culture (non-respiratory) Removed; order Wound Culture. N/A 167
Ova and Parasite Screen Giardia/Cryptosporidium Screen LAB258 8855
Film Array Respiratory Pathogens by Film Array LAB3359 8206
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