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Discontinuation of Custom Reflexes

Effective November 5, 2017, Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory will no longer be able to support custom reflex orders. Only reflexes that are defined in our Mandatory and Optional Reflex Testing list will be supported. These reflexes have been approved by our Pathologists, PhD’s and the Spectrum Health Medical Executive Committee. On November 5th, we will be undergoing a system change to Epic and with our new Laboratory Information System (LIS), custom requests for reflexes will not be available.

Requests for reflexes that fall outside of our defined ranges, will not be ordered. Providers will need to review results and then order any other testing as necessary. If the specimen is still stable, requests may be made with an add-on test request for specimen in lab, otherwise, the specimen will need to be recollected.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or any reflex testing, please use the “contact us” link above.

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