dsDNA Antibody Update

Effective March 20, 2017, Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory’s Immunology department will be switching dsDNA vendors from Varelisa ™ to ThermoFisher/Phadia ™.

Both manufacturers (mfr) have similar methods but different reference criteria presumably due to manufacturer specific dsDNA epitopes identified.

The interpretive cutoffs will be changing, please refer to the table below.

Former Reference Range New Reference Range Unit
Negative <35 <10 IU/mL
Equivocal 35 – 55 10-15 IU/mL
Positive >55 >15 IU/mL


Due to this change, test #8470 – DNA ds Antibody Level will be discontinued.

New Test: Anti-dsDNA Antibody (SH# 7161)

Any questions concerning this change may be directed to the ImmunoChemistry department via the “Contact Us” link.

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