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Growth Hormone Update

As of February 7, 2017  the method/instrument used for the  Growth Hormone assay performed at the Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory will be switched from ROCHE COBAS to the IDS- iSYS. A method comparison between the two methods showed excellent clinical and numerical comparability. The assay also performed excellently in terms of precision and linearity.

Moving forward the reference range will be slightly adjusted to that recommended for the new assay (see below). Of note, the reference range is very similar to the previous assay and is probably more clinically relevant. Please consider that random growth hormone (GH) test results are of limited utility due to the fact that stimuli for secretion is episodic and multifactorial in nature.  Evaluation for deficiency typically requires provocative testing. Please consult with an endocrinologist for the best interpretation of results. 

Growth Hormone:

Previous reference range: Male  0.0 – 1.5 ng/mL   Female  0.0 – 4.0 ng/mL

New reference range will be < 5.0 ng/mL for both genders

 Any questions concerning this change may be directed to Dr. David Alter via the “Contact Us” link.


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