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Cardiac Marker Testing (Troponin)

Cardiac marker (Troponin) testing should only be ordered for Inpatient or Emergency Department patients. This test is not clinically appropriate for outpatient testing due to long outpatient test turnaround time (specimen collection to result). In cases of acute/urgent medical conditions, please have the patients evaluated at an Urgent Care center or the Emergency Department.

  • Troponin T (Test #8048, Epic #LAB139) – Performed at Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory (SHRL), Gerber Memorial Laboratory (SHGM) and Zeeland Community Laboratory (SHZCH)
  • Troponin I (Test #8038, Epic #7470) – Performed at Spectrum Health United Laboratory (SHUH), Kelsey Laboratory (SHKH), Reed City Laboratory (SHRC) and Big Rapids Laboratory (SHBR).

In addition, CK-MB and CK-Isoenzymes test orderables will be inactivated and will no longer be available. Requests for either test will no longer be honored.

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