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Toxicology Testing Updates – May 2018

As of May 8, 2018, the following tests are no longer performed by Spectrum Health Laboratory. These tests are now available through Mayo Medical Laboratories as a send out. Please note that the specimen collection for these tests may have changed. Please check the Laboratory Catalog for collection information.

Discontinued Test Code Discontinue Test Name Replacement Code Replacement Name
LAB752 Clomipramine Level LAB1230481 Clomipramine, Serum
LAB683 Ethosuximide Level LAB1230480 Ethosuximide, Serum

Questions may be directed to the Toxicology Department using the “Contact Us” link above.


CK Isoenzyme Discontinued

As of March 13th, 2017 Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory will be inactivating the CK Isoenzyme orderable  (SH # 2799, Epic #LAB64).  This test is not necessary in patients with clinically consistent CK elevations such as, but not limited to, muscle disease, muscle injury or statin use. In cases of suspected statin myopathy/myositis, elevated CK coupled with statin use is enough to make the diagnosis. CK Isoenzyme testing is recommended in situations where the CK elevation cannot be explained by clinical history and physical. Moving forward, CK Isoenzyme requests will require approval from either Dr. Alter or Dr. Blue.

Any questions concerning this change may be directed to Dr. David Alter or Dr. Deborah Blue via the “Contact Us” link.

Advanced Technology Laboratory, Flow Cytometry

Test Discontinuation: Cell Hold by Flow Cytometry

As of 1/1/2017, the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Spectrum Health Advanced Technology Laboratories will no longer accept specimens on hold.  The orderable Cell Hold by Flow Cytometry has been queued for inactivation. If a sample is received on hold after 1/1/2017, the ordering provider will be contacted for clarification, and appropriate testing will be performed based on the type of sample received. 



Citrate & Oxalate 24 hour urines no longer performed at Spectrum Health Laboratory, November 1, 2016

Due to low test volumes, effective November 1st, the Toxicology Department at Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory will no longer be offering Citrate (#8768) or Oxalate (#8837) testing on 24 hour urines.  These specimens will now be routed to Mayo Medical Laboratories for testing.  These tests should be ordered as Reference Miscellaneous (#8998). Please indicate complete test name when ordering.

Please refer to the lab catalog for more detailed patient preparation and specimen requirements:

Note: Spectrum Health does not stock toluene as a preservative. Please maintain collection without preservative and store refrigerated.


Genital Culture with Gram Stain Discontinuation

On July 1, 2016, Spectrum Health Laboratory  Microbiology Departments discontinued Genital Culture with Gram Stain. Alternative test methods are available and should be ordered specifically for individual pathogens. Please use one of the tests listed below in replacement of Genital Culture with Gram Stain.

Note: This change does not affect Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Laboratory. Continue Reading