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Faxing Orders to Outpatient Laboratories

Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory now has ONE centralized fax number to which you can send your lab orders! This means no more searching for the fax number for a particular draw site for your patient. We will enter the faxed orders into our system, making them available to ALL of our draw sites; so your patient will have access to their order at their favorite draw site and the added convenience of going to any draw site that they choose!

*The new fax line number is: 616-774-7696

 *If you are faxing an order for a patient that plans to go to a draw site immediately, please write “Patient En Route” on the order, so that it may be prioritized.

 * Please note: Specimen add-on orders (additional tests for specimens in-lab) are still faxed to 616-267-2751, as stated on the add-on form.

General Information

Update: Rockford Laboratory Reopened

Update: Rockford outpatient laboratory has reopened. Thank you for your patience, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Posted 5/25/2017: The Outpatient Laboratory (Draw Site) at 519 E Division St NE, Rockford, MI 49341 is temporarily closed for renovations until further notice. Please direct your patients to another location. We will post a reopen date on Find-A-Doc and here on our News Blog once a reopen date is available.

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