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3/25/2020: Covid-19 Information

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Providers, clinical staff and non-clinical staff: 

With the national shortage of collection kits for COVID-19 Spectrum Health is looking to you to see if you have ESwabs or UTM collection kits in your office. These kits are critical to help our community test the most at risk patients. Please, if you have this inventory please contact the Spectrum Health call center at 616-774-7721 or send swabs with your courier.


Preferred Collection: Link: Nasopharyngeal Collection

Not acceptable collection supplies:

• Cotton swabs

• Calcium alginate swabs

• Wood shaft swabs

Providers: COVID-19 testing criteria:

In an effort to ensure that suspected COVID-19 patients with the highest risk are tested, these new criteria for ordering tests apply for patients with COVID-19 symptoms:

Those with fever/cough AND

  • Patients hospitalized with severe lower respiratory illness
  • Pregnant women in the third trimester or in active labor
  • Severely immunocompromised
  • Health care and public service workers
  • Patients living in communal environments such as prisons, shelters and nursing facilities

Providers: If you have a patient that you suspect to have the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please follow these instructions:

Spectrum Health and SHMG providers, please check InSite for any information specific to Spectrum Health.

In order to protect offices from exposure to COVID-19 and to maintain testing supplies, we ask are asking offices to not order any COVID-19 testing. Please direct patients who may need screening/testing to the SH Now COVID-19 Free Screening Hotline at 833-559-0659. Any patient requiring testing will then be scheduled for drive through testing. If patients are having severe or life-threatening symptoms, please call 911.

Outpatient Draw Site Hours:

Outpatient draw site hours and availability may have changed. Please refer to Find-A-Doc for more information.

Awareness – Respiratory Pathogens by Film Array: 

Patients, physicians and APPs have reported confusion around the results of Spectrum Health Laboratories LAB3359 Respiratory Pathogens by Film Array. To clarify:

  • This test does NOT test for COVID-19 Coronavirus
  • A positive result for coronavirus indicates a non-COVID-19 strain
  • Microbiology department has added a disclaimer to the result noting the positive is not for COVID-19


• COVID-19 Information for Medical Professionals and Staff from MDHHS

• COVID-19 General Information page from MDHHS

• Spectrum Health COVID-19 General Information page

• Spectrum Health and SHMG providers, please check on InSite for any information specific to Spectrum Health.

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