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TB Screen (QuantiFERON®-TB Gold) replaces T-Spot test

The Spectrum Health Regional Laboratory is pleased to announce that the QuantiFERON® -TB Gold test for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been added to our in-house test menu.

The new QuantiFERON® -TB Gold testing should be ordered as a “TB Screen”. The switch from T-spot® testing to the QuantiFERON® -TB Gold test will allow us to test these specimens in-house and provide a shorter turnaround time with better service to our patients and providers. With the new TB Screen, there will be no restrictions regarding when the specimens can be drawn, as long as they are received in lab within 16 hours of collection.

Patients with immunosuppressive conditions and/or treatments may sometimes yield indeterminate results due to lack of sufficient response to the mitogen in the specimen tubes. For these patients, the T-Spot test will still be available if desired. The T-Spot test must be ordered as a Transplant TB Screen. The Transplant TB Screen test is very time sensitive. These specimens must be received by 1 pm for same day shipment to the reference laboratory. Collection times vary by site; please review the laboratory catalog for more information.

Specimen Collection

The specimen collection requires 3 tubes (1.0 mL in each tube) that are to be used specifically for this test and also requires specific specimen mixing. Patients must be drawn at sites whose staff have been trained for collection. A list of sites can be found online by clicking this link. If you wish to collect specimens at your location, on-site training is available and can be coordinated with the Qiagen vendor. Please contact laboratory services for more information on training. The pre-analytic handling of these specimens is critical and will potentially affect testing if not performed per protocol. Please review the laboratory catalog for more information on collection.

Order Information:
TB Screen
Order Code: 7105
Epic Code: LAB3619
CPT: 86480

Tests ordered as Transplant TB Screens, but drawn using the QuantiFERON-TB Gold test tubes will be canceled and reordered as TB Screens by the laboratory. Orders for T-Spot (i.e. not Transplant TB Screen) will be drawn and run as TB Screen (i.e. QuantiFERON® – TB Gold). The Transplant TB Screen must only be ordered on patients with immunosuppressive conditions or those undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive drugs.


Please direct any questions and concerns to Dr. Deborah Blue via the “Contact Us” link above.


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